Nøklene kommer til din Apple Wallet

Nøklene kommer til din Apple Wallet



Apple melder seg på for å bli kvitt nøkler.

Last year, Apple introduced digital car keys, allowing users to open car doors with their phone. Since then, digital car keys have gotten even better. Now, people can securely open car doors and even start the vehicle — without the phone even leaving the pocket or bag.

But that’s not all! This week, Apple launched Home Keys! Soon, you will be able to open doors using the Apple Wallet app (where you typically have your credit cards, train tickets, and more).

Payment solutions like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay have experienced amazing global adoption in recent years.

We believe that the same exponential growth has only just begun for keys.

We open doors — for everyone, everywhere, and are so excited to see that Apple is committed to partake on the mission to simplify everything with keys.

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Getting started with lock systems today involves a series of bureaucratic hoops and a lengthy installation process. Setting up a lock system typically takes several weeks or months. People have to analyze complex hardware and security jargon, and are required to learn how to use outdated interfaces — just so that they can manage keys and open doors. Lock systems simply weren’t designed for the modern internet, and this is a pain point for people and businesses today. Unloc aims to give developers the tools they need to create the most secure and novel key experiences. The digital payments infrastructure has evolved rapidly and companies like Stripe have made payments convenient. Now, we see similar effects in the digital keys infrastructure.

Let’s build amazing apps together, and replace key hassle with everyday magic. ✨

Who are Unloc?

We are the leading producer of digital key technology for the private and industry sectors in the Nordics. We believe that Unloc is the only company in the world with the ability to revolutionise how keys are used and shared. We have a strong team of people who complement each other. We believe that the right people with the right chemistry is more important than the right idea. Ideas come from people after all. We are technology optimists who experiment in order to learn. All our development and innovation is done in-house from our HQ in Oslo and remote locations around the globe.

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