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Benefits of having Unloc on your door

One step closer to a keyless life

Wouldn’t it be nice to just leave your keys, and not worry about it? Move your keys to your phone – and get one less thing to remember when you leave your home.

All you need is a smartlock and the Unloc App on your phone.

Download app

Get Unloc on your apartment door

A Danalock V3 can be fitted to most doors.
2500,- with installation.

Getting started

Buy a smart lock

Buy an Unloc compatible smartlock from our online store. If you already have a smartlock, it might be Unloc-compatible.

Get it installed

Our installation partner will help you install the lock. If you're handy, you can also install it yourself.

Download the app

Once the lock is in place, download the Unloc app and open doors with your phone!

All your keys in one app

Share keys with family, friends and service providers

Open your door with one tap

Share keys with a tap

No more interruptions to let someone in

No need to leave the office, the gym or other activities, to let someone in. All you need is your phone.

With Unloc you no longer need to hand out physical keys to people needing access, or stay at home just to let someone in. Share time-limited keys with the electrician, home delivery or a friend.

Full freedom in your everyday life

Open your door from wherever you are

It doesn't matter where you are in the world. As long as you have your phone with you – you can open your door.

What does this really mean? It means you can spontaneously prolong your holiday and ask a friend to water the plants. Or maybe you have a family member that needs a place to sleep for a night while you are away? Imagine being able to let the people that matter in, even when you're far away from home. That's freedom!

Increased safety

No more lost keys

Like you, we believe that convenience should never compromise security. Unlike physical keys, you have full control over who has keys to your door with the Unloc-app.

Keep track of who’s got keys to your door, and get notified whenever a key is used.

How to get

All your keys in one app

It’s easy and affordable to get Unloc installed in your home. When upgrading to smartlocks, you can gather all your keys in the Unloc app.

You can combine the locks of your liking and even get compatible padlocks for bikes or sheds – or locks for the mailbox that are compatible with Unloc.

Common doors

Living in an apartment building?

Then chances are you have, or can get an Unloc compatible lock on your main entrance. One app for all doors — from the street, all the way to your couch.

Completely keyless entry
Share digital keys
No lost keys
Enable home delivery