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Security and privacy

Our home front door is the threshold between us and the outside world. Effective solutions should never compromise security. It is a responsibility that we take very seriously. As developers, advisors, and especially as people with our own homes and families.

«Effective solutions should never compromise security.»

August Flatby, CTO

Security in Unloc

Privacy is important to us at Unloc. We only use personal information to improve our services. You can at any time see which personal data is stored and what it is used for.

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For businesses

Unloc is developed with security as the highest priority. All our development competence is in-house in Oslo, and we have full control over all our technology.

All information and communication is encrypted and transferred, similar to in online banks. All important events are logged. Unloc is also frequently evaluated by external security partners.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the new regulation that enforces a number of duties for us at Unloc — because we handle your personal data —. It also gives you, as an end user, more rights.

At Unloc, we have catered for GDPR both on our behalf and on behalf of the administration in all types of buildings, like apartment buildings. We ensure that documentation is made available, that residents and other users receive clear information. We also obtain consent for use.

Unloc has introduced all necessary routines for GDPR follow-up. Unloc is fully responsible for processing and securely handling all users' personal data, so you don't have to worry.

Help us find bugs

We are committed to working with the community to verify, reproduce, and respond to legitimate reported vulnerabilities. Found a security flaw in one of our systems? Send us your findings to and you might be rewarded. Please encrypt your email with PGP and this public key.

Want to know more?

Start a conversation with us to discuss privacy and the security measures we take.