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Open infrastructure

We build the operating environment for doors. Together with our infrastructure partners we enable a keyless future.

Solutions we support

Unloc works with locks from various producers.

Installation Partners



Questions and answers

Unloc is available for your home, for residential buildings and for businesses. Below you can find descriptions on how to get started.

  1. Unloc for your home
  2. Unloc in a residential building
  3. Unloc for Business

We continuously work on integrating with new digital lock and access control systems. If you cannot find your lock in the list we currently do not support it. However there are ways of adding products from Danalock to your existing lock so that you can use it alongside your existing solution.

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Curious about our partnerships or how to get started?


We partner up with digital lock manufacturers and installation vendors. Together, we build the infrastructure needed to create an easier life for everyone with a front door.

Hardware Partners

Complementing existing products

We do not manufacture our own hardware. Core to our mission, we integrate with and offer a complementary functionality to market-leading digital lock and access systems to give people the possibility to choose the right solution based on their needs.

Unloc is a great partner for us in a quickly growing market where we believe collaboration is key.

Hans Overgaard, co-founder and CEO, Danalock

Installation Partners.

Laying the foundation for seamless key-sharing.

Delivering on a mission of digitising all keys, requires real distribution power and expertise. Our trusted installation partners help us get the Unloc technology and its compatible lock systems out to the masses.

What is unique about the technology is that through Unloc we get one app that can unite locks from several different manufacturers. This will simplify everyday life, both for consumers and for service providers. Unloc is a dynamic company that gives high priority to its partners.

Audun, Project manager, Låssenteret

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