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Roles and keys

Manage all keys and roles in Unloc through your own interface. You will be able to

  • share permanent and temporary keys to users
  • provide sharing roles on keys so that users can share with others
  • delete sharing roles and keys belonging to users that should no longer have access
  • retrieve information about users, their roles and keys

Locks, lock types and lock owners

All locks associated with your organization will be available for overview and change. Under each integrator there is a number of lock owners, you can choose how you want to organize this. A common way to organize is, for example, per building, per housing association or per company. Under each of these lock owners you can

  • see all the locks you own
  • change the name of locks
  • see which locks are tied to which roles and keys

We are here to assist you

Our API has few and straightforward endpoints, which makes it relatively easy to implement. We use industry standard for authentication, OAuth 2.0. How you choose to merge us with your solution is entirely up to you. Whether you want to build administrator functionality, or automate access control based on an existing system. We assist you along the way and make sure it goes as smoothly as possible.

«Integrating Unloc into Eiendomsappen was done on 1-2-3. Good documentation and quick technical assistance ensured an efficient and well-functioning integration!»

Kristoffer Moe Lundquist, Eiendomsappen

Some of our integration partners

  • OBOS NøkkelOBOS has integrated with Unloc so that their users can administer digital access directly from their own portal.
  • BBL PivotalBBL Pivotal has integrated with Unloc to allow their membership partners to administer digital access in their portal.
  • EiendomsappenEiendomsappen has integrated with Unloc to allow their customers to administer digital access directly in their solution.
  • HelthjemHelthjem uses Unloc to deliver more efficiently and sends keys automatically to their postmen.
  • Easy2youEasy2you has integrated with Unloc to get digital keys in their carrier application.
  • City Self-StorageCity Self-Storage has integrated with Unloc to give their customers digital access to their storage lockers.

Want to become an integrator?