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A key that fits every lock

Unloc is used by people and companies everywhere to open doors for everyone.

One app for all keys

Save time by moving your entire keychain onto your phone. No more hassle with physical keys or fobs.

«We chose Unloc because it's so convenient. You always have your phone with you and now, also the key.»

Solveig, Startup Campus co-working space

Everyday magic

We understand friction

Get more freedom by sharing digital keys. With Unloc, you can send permanent and temporary keys — as simple as sending a text message.

«Unloc is so user friendly. Our elderly who are used to physical keys are also super happy.»

Michael, Holm Property


A technology-first approach to keys and locks

Like you, we believe that convenience should never compromise security. We build the world's digital keychain where you can safely store all your keys. It's a responsibility we take very seriously.

«Genius for kids who lose their keys all the time! Unloc is such a simple way to make life much easier.»


Open the door to the future