A mix and match strategy

A mix and match strategy



Providing freedom of choice

A real estate portfolio rarely consists of one type of lock or access control system. A large reason why is that different properties have different functionality and security needs. Another reason is that properties are often acquired from other real estate companies, where locks are already installed.

For many, this will result in a key cabinet that grows with the amount of buildings — and a situation where it is close to impossible to stay on top of all keys. With multiple access control systems you end up with multiple administration tools. This makes it even more difficult and time-consuming to administer and control access.

Many dream of gathering all their keys in the same system. One solution to this is to choose the same locks and access control systems for all buildings. However there are three challenges with this:

  • The one lock and access control system might not meet all the needs of your different properties.

  • It will be expensive, as you will most likely have to install new locks on several properties.

  • By choosing one lock and access control system you would be locked into only using the one solution. This lock-in can often last for 10-15 years, where all new properties over this time will have to stick to this same specific system. This puts you at risk of missing out on product development, and ending up with outdated systems.

Choosing the right lock and access control system can feel like trying to predict the future. It's like choosing what phone to use today 15 years ago: You would most likely still be using a Nokia or Blackberry.

Proprietary and non-proprietary solutions

With a closed solution you can only hope it fulfills all of your properties' needs well enough, which is hard to do with one single system.

With an open solution like Unloc you can choose the locks and access control system that work best for each individual property, or even door. You have the freedom and flexibility to mix and match and you avoid being locked into one single solution.