What to choose in my housing association?

What to choose in my housing association?



Find the right solution

Are you sick of keys and fobs going missing? Having to wait for service workers? Costly maintenance on lock systems? Not only can you get an end to all this – with Unloc in your housing association you can please tenants with mobile keys and a safer access system.

Save time

For many, board work is an additional engagement next to a full time job and other commitments. The flexibility that comes with mobile keys allows board work to be done more efficiently, so members save precious time. By using mobile keys you can let craftsmen or other service workers into the building without having to be there at the time the work is done. You are relieved of physical key hand-offs and sharing of access. In the Unloc app you can share time-limited mobile keys – this means they can be shared from wherever you are!

"It is very liberating to be able to send time-limited keys to service workers without having to leave work – then getting a notification when they are in. "
— Mario, Board member

Save your worries

Mobile keys on common doors improve security, as they can not be lost or copied. The board decides the freedom tenants have to share keys and are always in full control of how many mobile keys to common doors are being shared and used. You can see who you have shared a key with, which means you will not lose any shared keys. This added security is an advantage for both tenants and the board. When you have shared mobile keys with others you will receive notifications when the keys are being used so that you are in full control when a service worker or other external party is stopping by.

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Cut costs

Research has shown that 2-4% of physical keys go missing every year. Anyone who is in a board knows how much money is spent if locks need to be replaced and new keys need to be cut. Fewer key copies and lost keys lead to reduced costs for everyone as there is less maintenance and change of locks needed. A housing association with 50 tenants saves on average 10.000 NOK every year by switching to mobile keys. The board saves a ton of time as they no longer need to manually administer the keys. Having a digital solution on your common doors gives your housing association the opportunity to save costly and unnecessary expenditures. We save our customers millions of kroners in shared costs every year!

Do you want to know more about how Unloc and smart locks can effectivise board work, cut costs and help increase security?

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