Mobile access and tenant satisfaction

Mobile access and tenant satisfaction



A simple solution outperforming big tech

Digital locks was the most requested digitalization initiative by Swedish residents in 2021 (SBC) — and this comes as no surprise. With the technology that exists today, there is no reason why you or your residents should feel limited by physical access control systems anymore.

As we’ve already seen in our previous articles: Mobile keys and digital locks increase efficiency, sustainability and security, cut costs and provide freedom of choice. Mobile keys are easy to always have on you as they are on your phone; with a solution like Unloc all keys are gathered in one single app. They are also easy to share, which saves time and simplifies everything related to access sharing. In addition, they cannot be copied or lost.

These are some examples of how mobile keys and digital locks are great for your residents:


With Unloc’s mobile keys they can share access as quick and easy as sending a text message. If a friend or family member needs access to their homes, they simply share a permanent or temporary mobile key through the app. This can be done from anywhere; the office, the cabin or even on a bike ride. The recipient will receive the keys on their phone.

This is not limited to the residents family and friends, this is also great for sharing access with service providers. Whether that is a delivery made while no one is at home, home healthcare services or others.


Another great benefit for your residents is the increased security. Mobile keys cannot be copied or lost as they are securely gathered in a digital keychain on their phone. With Unloc it is also possible to receive notifications when a key is being used. A great example of this is parents being notified when their children have made it home safe from school. This also makes it possible to see when a service provider uses their shared keys to enter a property.

It’s easy to understand why mobile keys are in high demand with residents. However, not everyone will be ready to stop using their physical keys. Fortunately digital locks can be used alongside the existing system, allowing the option of using both mobile- and physical keys.

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