Nøkkelen til enklere restaurantdrift

Nøkkelen til enklere restaurantdrift



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Døgnvill, the beloved burger joint in Oslo, faced a long list of challenges when it came to managing keys and access to their restaurant. Misplaced keys, time-consuming replacements, and the constant coordination of keys between employees and third parties created quite a headache for the restaurant managers. Learn how Døgnvill streamlined restaurant operations, cut costs, and bid farewell to the hassle of traditional key management — with mobile keys.

— I'm so tired of losing keys, sighs Oda Buskenes Andersen, General Manager of Døgnvill, as she talks about the struggles of dealing with old-fashioned keys.

An essential puzzle piece fell into place when Selvaag, the commercial building owner at Tjuvholmen, introduced mobile keys with the Unloc app. This allowed Døgnvill and other tenants, like restaurants, galleries, and convenience stores — to run their business operations without worrying about keys.

Døgnvill's journey perfectly showcases the power of embracing digital solutions in the retail industry. They've saved significant amount of time spent on keys, cut costs, and gained amazing flexibility in their operations. Now they can focus on what truly matters: serving up mouthwatering burgers to their delighted customers.

We caught up with Døgnvill after just a month of using mobile keys, and they shared all the details about the transformative impact.

ℹ️ Selvaag Eiendom Empowers Tenants with Mobile Keys

Selvaag Access, offered by Selvaag to their tenants and powered by Unloc, offers mobile keys for hassle-free access control.
— Mobile keys provide convenient and synchronized access, ensuring security for Selvaag's tenants.
— Tenants can effortlessly manage access to their premises, including employees, temporary staff, and third-party deliveries, all from their smartphones.
— Selvaag aims to roll out mobile keys across their entire portfolio by the end of 2023, empowering tenants with the latest technology for seamless and efficient access management.

Oda remarks: — This transition to mobile keys has been seamless, requiring minimal effort.

In January, Selvaag revolutionized access for its tenants by introducing mobile keys. Døgnvill, one of the first tenants to adopt this new solution, experienced immediate benefits.

We're seeing potential cost savings of around 10,000 kroner per year by switching to mobile keys, Oda emphasises.

Time-Saving Benefits

In the fast-paced restaurant industry, time is of the essence. In the past, Døgnvill's team found themselves spending a significant amount of time managing physical keys. From locating misplaced keys to coordinating key handovers, precious hours slipped away, diverting their attention from delivering exceptional dining experiences.

— Previously, we spent around 1.5 hours per week managing physical keys. Now, with mobile keys, this time investment has been reduced to almost zero, says Oda.

She shares the challenges they faced in the past, saying: — Ordering new keys for employees used to involve lengthy email exchanges, and physical key collection at the printer. It could take weeks before a new employee had access. With mobile keys however, it's an instant process.

The transition to mobile keys has brought seamless efficiency to their operations. The Unloc app has replaced the hassle of managing physical keys, saving precious time for the team at Døgnvill. With just a few taps on their mobile devices, they can instantly grant access to employees, temporary staff, and even suppliers.

— Coordinating key handovers with temporary staff used to be a hassle. There was a lot of coordination back and forth. But now, with Unloc, it's as simple as sharing a temporary key directly from our mobile devices, says Oda with a smile.

With Unloc, employees no longer have to spend time on keys. Everything is seamlessly integrated into the cloud-based management tool associated with the Unloc app, allowing the team at Døgnvill to focus on their restaurant business instead.

Cost savings

Managing physical keys not only consumed valuable time but also came with significant costs for Døgnvill. Each lost key translated to a loss of 500 kroner for issuing a new key, and an additional 1000 kroner for assisted opening at the restaurant.

— I'm extremely tired of losing keys, and it's annoying to spend money on replacements every month, remarks Kamilla Hauge Grøndahl, assistant general manager at Døgnvill.

With many keys in circulation, it's easy for keys to disappear, which is costly. In the past, granting access to suppliers or maintenance workers before the team arrived on-site required engaging a security company and paying 1000 kroner each time.

The cost of new keys and third-party access expenses added up to approximately 10,000 kroner annually for Døgnvill. Fortunately, with the implementation of Unloc, those expenses have been completely eliminated, allowing the restaurant to allocate its resources more efficiently.

— Thanks to Unloc, we no longer bear that burden, Oda says with a smile.

Enhanced Workday Flexibility

In a dynamic industry like hospitality, flexibility is key. The ability to adapt quickly to unforeseen circumstances, like a broken cooler, and grant access to third parties seamlessly can make a world of difference.

Oda recalls a recent incident that highlighted the value of mobile keys: — We had to fix a major ventilation system issue, and the work was scheduled to start at 6:00 am the next day. With Unloc, I could simply share a key with the ventilation technician the night before.

The convenience of mobile keys allowed Oda to avoid the hassle of waking up early and rushing to Tjuvholmen just to grant access. With Unloc, she received a notification in the app when the technician entered, providing complete control from the comfort of her home:

— As a restaurant manager, the job is round-the-clock, and not having to be physically present to let people in is a game-changer.

The ability to share keys in the app has unlocked a new level of flexibility for Døgnvill. Whether it's granting access to suppliers, coordinating with maintenance teams, or handling unexpected situations, the team can now manage access effortlessly, even when they're not on-site.

— Sharing keys on-the-go is the most valuable feature. We have more time to run the restaurant now that we don’t spend time on keys, says Oda with a sense of relief.

During the first month of using Unloc, Kamilla estimates that they shared keys with external parties directly from their mobile devices on four separate occasions.

With the implementation of mobile keys, Døgnvill has found the recipe for smoother operations, increased efficiency, and a happier team. By embracing digital solutions like Unloc, they have discovered the key to easier restaurant management, freeing up time and resources to focus on what truly matters – serving up delicious burgers and creating exceptional experiences for their customers.

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