Effektiv nøkkelhåndtering med mobilnøkler

Effektiv nøkkelhåndtering med mobilnøkler



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Using physical keys to grant access to properties can be a time-consuming and inefficient task for property owners. This is because key distribution requires someone to be present for handoff and pickup, which takes time away from other important tasks. Mobile keys can help save time and improve efficiency by allowing property owners to grant access remotely.

If service personnel, such as a plumber, need access to a property but do not have the necessary keys, the property owner must arrange for them to be provided. This can require someone from the property owner's office to wait at the property until the work is completed and the keys can be retrieved. This can be inconvenient and disruptive, especially if it occurs unexpectedly.

Service personnel may also collect the necessary keys from the property owner's office themselves, but this can also be time-consuming and inconvenient. The plumber must travel back and forth between locations, and the property owner must spend time signing out and tracking the keys. Switching to mobile keys can help streamline this process and save time for everyone involved.

Physical access systems can also require property owners to collect and distribute keys to tenants or residents who move in and out, and to replace keys that are lost. This can require someone from the property owner's office to travel to the property, which is time-consuming and inefficient.

Digital systems, on the other hand, can streamline this process. For example, if a property has a fault or error, a pre-registered maintenance worker can be sent a mobile key automatically. Similarly, when a tenancy contract is signed online, a mobile key can be created automatically and activated on the move-in date.

Through research and collaboration with key players in the industry, we have identified common challenges related to key management.

Our findings indicate that real estate companies can save over 120 hours of work and key distribution per property annually by implementing digital locks and mobile keys. This includes over 95 hours of driving time that can be eliminated.

With a mobile access system like Unloc, key distribution and management is quick and easy. Physical key sharing, collecting, and replacing are no longer necessary. Property managers can even choose to receive notifications when a shared key is being used, such as when a plumber arrives and leaves after completing a job. This eliminates the need to wait at the property and allows for efficient key management for all parties involved. Sharing a key is as easy as sending a text message, freeing up time for other important tasks.

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