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Urbanium uses Unloc to give their residents the opportunity to get innovative services safely delivered inside the door.

Urbanium is a real estate developer who, since 2003, has delivered more than two thousand sets of physical keys to apartment buyers. We have now invested in digital keys because of a rapidly rising demand after home-delivered goods and services.

We see that shopping and home services are being digitized at a high speed, which makes it a perfect time to use Unloc. Now, home buyers can move into a new home where they have the freedom to let in groceries, clothes parcels or the cleaning service without having to be at home.

The residents can share digital keys to the common areas or their private door with guests, craftsmen, postmen and service providers. The digital keys are traceable and time-limited, and you can choose to receive notifications on your phone when the key is being used.

“With Unloc the residents can safely open the door with a simple swipe on their phone.”

Why is Unloc useful for Urbanium?

"Unloc helps facilitate our buildings for a digital and easy future. We keep up with digitization and can offer our customers futuristic services. In addition, they get more freedom."

Can you describe how Unloc works for your residents?

"All the common and private doors are equipped with digital door locks. The residents have the Unloc app on their phones. There they can see which doors they have access to, choose a door and then open it with a simple swipe. If you only want to use a traditional key that is, of course, possible."