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Move your keychain to your phone

An app for every door

Tired of losing, forgetting or looking for keys? With Unloc you can gather your keys in one app.

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Digital keychain

Open doors with your phone

Say farewell to lost keys and avoid being locked out.

Holiday home
Garage door
Save time

Share digital keys

Avoid unnecessary key copies. Share personal keys, temporary or permanent, with your family, neighbour or a friend.

Either it is someone who always visits, the kids who forget the keys or you are on vacation and have forgotten to water the plants.


Not home? No problem

Avoid "house arrest", no more waiting at home between 08.00-12.00 Share temporary keys and get mail, packages and food delivered at(or inside) your door, without being home!

With Unloc you save yourself and others time.

Receive packages without being home
Inside delivery, in your garage or house
Contactless delivery
On-demand services

Increased safety

Send temporary keys to the carpenter, cleaning personell or the home nurse. Get notified when the keys are used and keep control over who has access to your home.

With Unloc you reduce lost or misused keys!


(43) mom

Brilliant for kids, they loose keys every other week. Unloc is a small thing that can make life so much easier!


(67) grandmother

I have had great use for sharing keys with kids and grandkids who needed access. It's nice to not have to get the keys back afterwards.


(30) Utleier

It's nice to have full overview of the keys I have shared and that they can't be lost by people renting with Airbnb.

Getting started

Order digital lock

Our goal is to support all digital locks.

Get the lock installed

One of our installer partners can help you install the lock. If you are handy you can also install the lock yourself.

Download the app and open your door

When the lock is in place, you download the Unloc app and get started.
Electronic key turner

Danalock v3

2.495 NOK

The price includes installation. Purchase and installation is handles by our partners. The Unloc-app is free for individuals. Lock and installation is bought through our partner.
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The lock is easily installed on most doors

The lock is installed on the inside, regular keys can still be used from the outside

Open the door with one click, and share keys with family, friends and the postman

Gather keys, cards, fobs and codes in one app

Share keys with family, friends and the postman

Open doors with one press

We open doors for everyone
1 million
Doors opened in Norway
500 000
shared keys so far

Who is Unloc?

We are the leading producer of technology for digital locks for the private and industry sectors in the Nordics. We believe that Unloc is the only company in the world with the ability to revolutionise how keys are used and shared. We have a strong team of people who complement each other. We believe that the right people with the right chemistry is more important than the right idea. Ideas come from people after all.

We are techno optimists who experiment in order to learn. All our development and innovation is done in-house from our offices in Oslo.

Practical information and frequently asked questions

Danalock is a smart lock that enables you to open the door with your phone, via bluetooth.

  • It is easily installed on the inside of your door by replacing the turner. You can still use your physical keys.
  • A lock highly suitable for upgrading existing doors. It fits all standard Scandinavian cylinder locks.

We will forward your information to one of our installation partners who will contact you within 7 days to work out a suitable time for the installation. A certified installer will come home to you, install the lock and help with configuration.

Danalock V3 Product Specifications

  • Product dimensions:
    • 59 x 59 x 68 mm / 2 1/2* x 2 5/6”
  • Communication:
    • Bluetooth 4.2
  • Weight (ex. batterier):
    • 130 gr
  • Encryption level:
    • 256bit AES
  • Batteries:
    • 4 CR123A batteries
  • Average battery life:
    • Approx. 1 år
  • Material:
    • ABS + anodized aluminium
  • Color:
    • Silver