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Unloc for people.

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to gather all your keys in one app, never look for keys again and drop time-consuming handovers of physical keys?

One app for all doors.

Unloc is your digital spare key where you can gather all your keys in one single app. Open doors and share keys in an instant!

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  • Five stars
    Henriette, 43, momBrilliant for kids, they loose keys every other week. Unloc is a small thing that can make life so much easier!
  • Five stars
    Caroline, 32, board memberUnloc becomes much more practical if you have it on your private door as well as the common front door.
  • Five stars
    Håvard, 27, runnerNow I can go for a run without having to bring keys!

Use cases.

Share keysSave time and money.

Avoid unnecessary key copies. Share personal keys, temporary or permanent, with your family, neighbour or a friend. Either it is someone who always visits, the kids who forget the keys or you are on vacation and have forgotten to water the plants.

With Unloc you reduce the need for physical key!

Much easier to get boys of 11 and 14 to remember to bring their mobile than to remember (and not lose) the keys.

Desiree, 43

E-commerce and online groceriesMore flexibility.

Get post and parcels delivered on your doormat or in-home, without having to be physically present. Never again wait at home for hours for a package that never arrives.

With Unloc you save time for both yourself and others!

Have had the benefit of sending a key to someone who was going in for us. It is good not to have to take care to get the keys back.

Siv, 51

On-demand servicesIncreased safety.

Send temporary keys to the carpenter, cleaning personell or the home nurse. Get notified when the keys are used and keep control over who has access to your home.

With Unloc you reduce lost or misused keys!

Nice that I have a full overview of the keys I have handed out and that they cannot be lost by others when renting through Airbnb.

Ørjan, 30

How to get started

Unloc does not manufacture or sell digital locks or smart home hubs, but works to support various solutions tailored to both private and common doors in a residential building.

This means that you can use the Unloc app across solutions and choose the lock or system that best suits your needs based on functionality and price.

  1. See which locks we support for private doors
  2. For board member in residential buildings
  3. Operational manager in a commercial building

A digital lock to your private door can be bought and installed by yourself or through one of our installation partners.

See how to buy and install on your own.

See our installation partners.

Open the Unloc app, click on the settings icon and find ‘Add a lock’. Follow the instructions. If you are lost - check out our step-by-step guide.

Live in an apartment building?

Unloc is also available for apartment buildings so that you can have the keys for the common doors, laundry rooms, garage and other doors on your mobile.

Har du spørsmål?

If you are stuck or have any questions about Unloc send us a message and we will assist you.

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