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Tired of keys?

Move them onto your phone

Open doors with your phone

One less thing to worry about

No more hassle — move your keys onto your phone.

Already have a smart lock?

Share temporary keys

No more interruptions to let someone in

Open your door from wherever you are. No need to leave the office, the gym or other activities to let someone in.

All you need is your phone.

How does it work?
Stay in control

No more lost keys

Stop worrying if your kids got home or lost their keys.

Keep track of everyone who has keys to your door, and get notified whenever a key is used.

Genius for kids who lose their keys all the time! Unloc is such a simple way to make life much easier.

Henriette, 30

We chose Unloc because it's so convenient. Your phone is always with you, so you can always get in or let someone else in.
Solveig, Startup Campus co-working
More freedom

Open the door to the future

The Unloc app is free and makes it easy to share keys with family, friends and other visitors. All you need is your phone.