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All locks that can be used with Unloc

Residential and commercial

Standalone modules that support Unloc. Can be added to any door with an electrical lock. E.g. enterance doors, intercom systems garages...
Danalock Universal Module
Friday Home Universal module
Coming soon
Can be added to any door with electricity. It could be garages, entrance doors, and intercoms. A smart solution for those who need a simple supplement or quick upgrade of their existing door environment.
Bluetooth with 1-5 meter range
From 2000–4500 NOK per door including installation.
Salto XS4 & Neo (lock systems)
XS4 Sx40
XS4 Mini
XS4 Wall Reader
XS4 Locker lock
Fits virtually any door, including those with narrow frames.
For indoor applications. Simple installation.
For doors where fitting an electronic escutcheon is not possible or required.
Elevators, roller shutter doors
For locker, and cabinets
The user opens Unloc, and put’s their phone next the the reader same as with a keyfob.
Salto ProAccess Space management software.

Other lock systems
Dorma Kaba Exivo
RCO systems with 5M software.
Dormakaba Exivo solution that is connected to the internet.
Works with the key reader. The user opens Unloc, then puts their phone on the reader.

Contact us, or one of our installation partners to learn more about requirements and how to get started


Stansefabrikken advanced
Can be opened with a keyfob or via the app.
Bluetooth with 1-5 meter range.

Padlocks and key boxes

Storage rooms lockers...
Master Lock 4401EURLHENT
Master Lock 4400EURENT
Master Lock 5441EURENT
Robust padlock for outdoor use. Withstands weather and wind, and can be used in minus 40 degrees outdoors.
Padlock for indoor use. Perfect for storage cabinets etc.
Key box for outdoor use. Perfect for rentel cabins or as a reserve key.
Press the button on the lock to turn it on, then you can open the lock via bluetooth.
Retails from 1490 NOK
Retails from 890 NOK
Retails from 1990 NOK

Private doors, apartment doors

Standalone locks, can be used alone or together with other systems
Danalock V3 Smartlock
Friday Home Uno and Duo
Coming soon
Easyaccess FingerTouch
Coming soon
Easyaccess CodeTouch
Coming soon
Replaces the thumb latch on the inside of the door.
Complete digital Lock with touch display. Can be opened with code and/or key fob in in addition to Unloc.
Bluetooth with 1-5 meter range
Retails from 1500 NOK. From 2500 NOK with installation.
Retails from 2450 NOK
Retails from 3800 NOK
As part of a Smart home solution
Futurehome Classic + IDLock
Futurehome Classic + Danalock V3 BTZE
Futurehome Classic + Easy access
Coming soon
Homecontrol Wattle + IDLock
Coming soon
Homecontrol Wattle + Danalock V3
Coming soon
Homecontrol Wattle + Easy access
Coming soon
The lock works together with the smarthome router/system.
Wifi, accessible from everywhere with internet access