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Benefits of having Unloc on your

Holiday home

Have you ever left home on your way to the cabin and realized you have to turn around to fetch the keys? Or even made it there without them? Or maybe you and your family are tired of playing “who’s got the keys”-game?

With a smart-lock on the cabin, and maybe even the shed – there’s no more key hassle. Just leave, and open the door with your phone. Or share mobile keys with everyone who uses the holiday home.

Buy a smartlock for the holiday home
Unloc makes renting simpler

Is your cottage a rental object?

With a smart-lock on your holiday-home, there’s no need to hand over physical keys or leaving it up to chance if it’s found by the renters or guests.

With Unloc, you can share time-limited keys with a tap!

All both you and the visitor need are your phones and the Unloc-app!

How to get

All your keys in one app

It’s easy and affordable to get Unloc installed on your holiday home.
When upgrading to smart-locks, you can gather all your keys in the Unloc app.

You can combine the locks of your liking and even get compatible padlocks for utility sheds, your boat or basements.