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Benefits of having Unloc on your


A house comes with a lot of doors. And for each door, there is a key. When thinking about it, it quickly becomes a keychain of at least 4-5 different keys and fobs if you count the garage, a basement or outdoor storage. And what about the bike keys? Are they on your keychain as well?

Wouldn’t it be nice to just leave your keys, and not worry about it anymore? With Unloc, you can move all your house keys to your phone – and get one less thing to remember when you leave your home.

Buy your first smartlock
How to get

All your house keys in one app

It’s easy and affordable to get Unloc installed in your home.

When upgrading to smart-locks, you can gather all your keys in the Unloc app.

You can combine the locks of your liking and even get compatible padlocks for bikes or sheds – or locks for the mailbox that are compatible with Unloc.

No more lost keys

Stay in control of young and older visitors

Stop worrying if your kids (or parents) got home – and stop worrying about them losing another key!

Keep track of who’s got keys to your door, and get notified whenever a key is used.


One step closer to a keyless life

Opening doors with the Unloc-app is free for everyone! Your visitors only need to download the Unloc app to be given access to keys.