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  • Customer since2019
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The Factory increases their members’ satisfaction by using Unloc.

The Factory is a leading entrepreneurial hub, who in 2017 was awarded Norway’s best accelerator program. We help early-stage startups with development and commercialization. Last year we had 38 events at The Factory, so there are a lot of people who need access to our premises.

For us, Unloc became the optimal solution. With Unloc there is less administration, which saves us both time and money. I can share temporary keys with craftsmen, which is very convenient! I spend less time on keys and can be more efficient.

Our members have the keys on their phones and they are very satisfied. We all think Unloc works very well and that it’s very innovative.

“Our members are very happy with Unloc.”

Would you recommend Unloc?

"Yes! It saves us a lot of time and works optimally. We are also very satisfied with the service. Something wasn’t working optimally and then they immediately came from Unloc and fixed it."