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Joakim Brur Engen Johannessen

Business development

Joakims Unloc journey startet early 2019 as partner number six. He is a front figure among the lager clients within residential property management and Unloc`s ever-expanding network of hardware partners. He Translates complex tech jargon into simple and digestible language. His smile and energy also easily spreads across any room - small or large, and he is always open for a hug! When Joakim is not at work you will probably find him at at yoga studio, fitness center, the kitchen or in a deep techno club.

Kaia Rose Traub Wulff

Communications and operations

Kaia manages our public relations and marketing material. She creates stunning content that helps our customers find an answer to any question they might have. She is a rapid learner — courageously trying something new and challenging. When Kaia is not at the office, you may find her at the university studying economics and information engineering.

Johan Biermann Knudsen

Customer success

Johan joined Unloc in the early days, as employee number four. He has developed strong relationships with our customers and partners. Prior to Unloc, he worked with customer service and sales. When he’s not helping our customers, Johan can be found skiing in the mountains, planning his next internal prank.