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Get Unloc at home

In collaboration with our installation partners, we now offer installation of locks for your home. We don't produce or sell locks, but let you order an Unloc compatible lock from our partner.

Electronic key turner

Danalock V3 incl. installation. 3400,-

The price assumes standard installation. The Unloc-app is free for individuals. Lock and installation is bought through our partner.

Practical information

  • Danalock is a smart lock that enables you to open the door with your phone, via bluetooth.
  • It is easily installed on the inside of your door by replacing the turner. You can still use your physical keys.
  • A lock highly suitable for upgrading existing doors. It fits all standard Scandinavian cylinder locks.

We will forward your information to one of our installation partners who will contact you within 7 days to work out a suitable time for the installation. A certified installer will come home to you, install the lock and help with configuration.

Danalock V3 Product Specifications

  • Product dimensions:
    • 59 x 59 x 68 mm / 2 1/2* x 2 5/6”
  • Communication:
    • Bluetooth 4.2
  • Weight (ex. batterier):
    • 130 gr
  • Encryption level:
    • 256bit AES
  • Batteries:
    • 4 AA batteries
  • Average battery life:
    • Approx. 1 år
  • Material:
    • ABS + anodized aluminium
  • Color:
    • Silver
  • Open the door with bluetooth
  • Can be installed on most doors.
  • Regular keys can still be used.

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