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Seamless customer experience.

Open doors.

Seamless Customer experience.

With more and more services requring access to peoples homes service providers are faced with a new problem. Customers expect less friction when purchasing services and those expactations are not always easy to meet. Unloc help service providers meet those expectations by providing a frictionless integration and access to their customers doors.

Unloc enables better services for our citizens.

Martin Vik, Head of Digitalization, Halden municipality

The timesaver

Save time with digital keys.

Statistics from the municipality of Grimstad show that using digital keys saves home care for 62 kilometers every night. In the past, home care providers had to drive back and forth to sign out and in, or to exchange keys. With digital keys this problem is eliminated.

No lost keys.

Digital keys cannot be lost.

The door to our home is the threshold between us and the outside world. It is an important responsibility access someones home. Digital keys cannot be lost or copied. We offer logs so that you can identify who has entered the door and give notice when using. This is how we make it safer to share access with those who need it.

Unloc makes life easier for us and our customers.

Hanne Nordhagen, CEO, CityMaid

Questions answered

Unloc is developed with security as the highest priority. All our development competence is in-house in Oslo, and we have full control over all our technology.

All information and communication is encrypted and transferred, similar to in online banks. All important events are logged. Unloc is also frequently evaluated by external security partners.

Read more about our security policy.

Unloc does not manufacture or sell locks, but integrate with various digital locks, smart home hubs, intercoms and other types of access systems, so you can freely choose the hardware that suits you best.

See the full list of supported locks.

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