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Unloc for property management.

Tired of losing keys? Time consuming handovers of keys? Several different systems related to access?

Then you've come to the right place!

Property management made easy.

Whether you manage a small or large real estate portfolio management of access will become easier.

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Operation and maintenance.

Reduce operating and administration costs.

Reduce unnecessary time on handing over and receving keys Reduce the need for more key copies. Send digital keys to employees, tenants, service workers or other visitors - from anywhere!

Easy to add users and give them access remotely.

Guri, Administration Manager, Vollebekk Fabrikker

Scalable technology.

Practical and futuristic.

We support a variety of solutions within access control, calling systems and digital locks. Whether it is an existing solution or you are building a new one, we have something for you! Unloc can easily be connected to existing systems so you can use digital keys as a supplement - across systems.

Unloc is very simple and easy to use. We can easily provide access to our different locations and share access with visitors.

Max M. Hofer, CFO, Infront

Security and control.

Increased security.

With Unloc, you always have control over who has digital keys to your buildings and can quickly remove access when needed. Distributed digital keys can't be lost, forgotten or passed on to others without consent.

Unloc gives us a flexible, fast and transparent key management. In addition, the risk of losing keys is completely eliminated.

Lars-Petter, Generel Manager Tårnet, Oxer Eiendom

  • Five stars
    Peder, Operations Manager, Spabo Eiendom.We don't have to travel anywhere and no one has to come here to collect keys. We can easily send digital keys to the craftsmen through the Unloc-app.
  • Five stars
    Pia, Administration Manager, The Factory OsloWe have three different floors with meeting rooms on each floor. I easily registered all the members and shared access. Now they can use their phone to open our doors. As easy as that! Our members are very happy with Unloc!
  • Five stars
    Michael, Operations Manager, Holm EiendomUnloc is so user friendly. The elderly who are used to using physical keys are also very happy. It doesn't matter if you love tech or not, you learn quickly anyway, and that's what makes Unloc so wonderfully user-friendly.

Questions answered

Unloc is developed with security as the highest priority. All our development competence is in-house in Oslo, and we have full control over all our technology.

All information and communication is encrypted and transferred, similar to in online banks. All important events are logged. Unloc is also frequently evaluated by external security partners.

Read more about our security policy.

Unloc does not manufacture or sell locks, but integrates with various digital locks, smart home hubs, intercoms and other types of access systems, so you can freely choose the hardware that suits you best.

Contact us to hear what we can offer you!

Installing Danalock Universal Module on a intercom system.

Danalocks universal module can be installed in parallel with most existing intercoms. A cheap way of adding more value to your existing system.

Office management

Unloc at Arkwright

Arkwright uses Unloc to easily give their employees and guests access to their offices.

Ready to begin?

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