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Got keys?

Our Story

Technology has made our lives better. Yet, people still stand outside of buildings looking for keys or spend hours at home waiting for deliveries. Businesses also experience the same problem: they don’t have keys.

Unloc was founded in 2017, with a clear mission to simplify everything with keys. Why?

Tired of keys?

Keys create friction

Not having the key causes friction and bad experiences for people and businesses, and mega trends within e-commerce, on-demand services and sharing economy will drastically worsen the situation. The demand for urban last-mile delivery is expected to grow 78% by 2030.

This is a

Universal problem

Having to rely on physical keys to get access is time stealing, inconvenient, and detrimental to the environment. We’ve all got keys — meaning this is a universal problem that no one is taking responsibility of solving, to decrease this friction.

The lock industry is highly competetive, properitary and fragmented.

High demand

Mission critical

Lock companies are addressing the problem by digitizing their locks, and becoming more modern. We see a massive growth in the digital access market. Users are demanding smarter technology, and we see a higher request for keyless entry.


Consumer trends are worsening

E-commerce is booming. But the lock industry is highly competetive, properitary and fragmented — and the problem grows as a new lock campany arises.

Businesses need an agnostic and scalable solution for keys. Now that consumer trends are taking over, this is mission critical.

So, how do we solve this problem?

The world’s digital keychain

By opening doors — for everyone, everywhere

Unloc is an API-first B2B company that replaces key hassle with everyday magic. We simplify everything with keys, like Stripe has done with payments.

Innovative opportunities

API-first company

We don’t manufacture locks. Instead, we partner with lock companies and aggregate their secure APIs into our agnostic software platform.

Unloc is revolutionizing keys and opening up new and innovative opportunities for businesses and cities.

Come work with us

We are growing faster than ever

That means we need more people. Being a part of Unloc means being more than an employee. It means being an owner - literally. All employees are shareholders in the company. You will take an active role in building a global and unique company.