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Last mile logistics.

Deliver to all doors.

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Facilitating ‘Last-mile’ logistics.

Cut transportation costs, boost service offering and streamline logistics operations.

Whether you are delivering something to an office, an apartment complex or a house, Unloc will help you open doors throughout the whole process.

We have a strong position within 'last mile delivery' today, but in order to continue that position, establishing an infrastructure for digital locks will be an important key factor.

Rune røsten, Country Manager, Schibsted Growth Norway


Deliver by night.

Shipping goods at night saves time and money - both for you and your customers. Deliver goods to both industry and apartment buildings in the evening and night.

Measures show reduced local emissions of 40% (NOx and PM) while reducing CO2 emissions by 20%. Both operational costs and time consumption are reduced, while at the same time transferring traffic from the time of day when the traffic is greatest, which increases accessibility.

We found out that the technology worked and that it was easy to replace physical keys with Unloc's solution.

Tone Løyland, CEO, Distribution Innovation

No signature

Deliver without signature.

With digital keys, the recipient does not need to be present to either pick up goods or deliver the goods.

Delivery without a signature can mean delivery in the garage for detached houses, while the suppliers in apartment buildings can now get digital keys and can put the package outside the apartment in question.

E-commerce is growing rapidly, and consumers are demanding home delivery in the simplest possible way. The recipients do not have to wait for the delivery man and we save time. With this smart solution we can deliver packages to our customers even when nobody is home.

Espen Slygstad, General Manager, Easy2You

Always deliver

No more failed deliveries.

Reduce the number of failures. The supplier no longer has to depend on the customer being present to deliver. Flexibility for both recipient and supplier.

We’re in for a revolution!

Arild Løkken, CEO, Schibsted Distribusjon Øst AS

Questions answered

Unloc is developed with security as the highest priority. All our development competence is in-house in Oslo, and we have full control over all our technology.

All information and communication is encrypted and transferred, similar to in online banks. All important events are logged. Unloc is also frequently evaluated by external security partners.

Read more about our security policy.

Unloc does not manufacture or sell locks, but integrate with various digital locks, smart home hubs, intercoms and other types of access systems, so you can freely choose the hardware that suits you best.

See the full list of supported locks.

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