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Get Unloc in your apartment building

To get started with Unloc you need an Unloc-compatible lock. We neither sell nor produce locks, but we support different solutions for apartment buildings. These can be ordered through one of our partners.

The process on 1,2,3

Fill out the order form at the bottom of the page for an uncomitted inspection and offer. One or more of our certified security and installation partners will contact you directly. You deceide how many you want offers from and we recommend also ordering a service agreement.

After you accept one of the offers you agree on installation date. After installation the partner prepares the locks to b used by the apartment residents.

When the installation process is finished we recommend that the board quickly test the solution before "the information package" is distributed to the residents. We have everything needed for efficient communication. Keys are easily distributed to residents from a web based admin panel.


In addition to the one time costs for installation, there is a low and predictable subscription fee. The price is adjusted according to the number of households in the apartment building.

Locks that work with Unloc

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