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Get Unloc in your apartment building

To get started with Unloc you need an Unloc-compatible lock. We neither sell nor produce locks, but we support different solutions for apartment buildings. These can be ordered through one of our partners.

The process

You fill out the order form at the bottom of the page. This is only to get an offer, you don't commit to anything.

Since we don't manufacture or sell locks, we forward your order to one of our partners. They will contact you to arrange a non-binding inspection.

Our partner will take a look at your doors and give you recommendations as well as an offer on hardware with installation.

There are locks that can be installed in parallel with what you have today, so you can choose to keep your existing solution or change it. If nothing has to be replaced, the cost is low and existing keys / chips can still be used.

Our partner will install and onboard the locks so that the board can just start sharing keys and opening doors with Unloc.


Unloc is subscription based. The price of the subscription depends on the number of housing units in the building. In addition, there is the cost of installation. Fill out the form to get an offer and more info.

Order inspection

Enter your zip code to see if you can order.

Please enter a vaid, four digit Norwegian zip code.