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Why should I get

Unloc in my building?

  • Always have a set of spare-keys on your phone.
  • Share keys to friends and family, or others that need access.
  • Unloc can be installed on pretty much any door. Your physical keys can still be used.
Get started
No more key hassle

Unloc on entrance doors

With Unloc on the entrance door, you can access your building without the key hassle. Share temporary access with family, friends, the babysitter or the courier delivering a package. With Unloc also on your private door, you can go completely key-less!

Simplify life even further

Unloc on your garage door

Open the garage gate directly from your phone. Share temporary or permanent access with friends, family and others. Store the garage key right in the Unloc app, together with keys to the other doors in the building.

More seamless access. Less key hassle.

One app for all doors

Unloc on other common doors

The value of Unloc increases with the number of doors you have the solution on. Imagine having the keys to the bikeshed, mailbox, washing room or the office also stored in the Unloc app? You can.
Unloc is the key that fits all locks.

How does it work?

Getting Unloc installed

It’s easy and affordable to get Unloc on the common doors.

  1. Unloc -enabled hardware is installed.
  2. The housing cooperative pays a monthly subscription based on the number of apartments.
  3. As a resident or tentant – all you have to do is download the Unloc app.
Enable your own door

Unloc on the apartment door

Unloc is free to use for private individuals. Go for a run without keys, and don’t waste more time on giving access to the electrician when you’re at work. You have the full control of your private apartment door. Buy and install a smartlock, download the Unloc app and you're ready to go!

Let the board in your building know about Unloc

We'll send them an offer, and let them know you want them to consider Unloc.

By submitting you consent to allow Unloc and our partner to store and process the personal information entered to provide you and your housing cooperative the content and service requested.

Are you part the board in a residential building?