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  • IndustryHair salon
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  • Customer since2019
  • Tools usedApp + Control center

For Cutters, the use of Unloc means increased control and better efficiency.

Cutters is the fastest growing hairdressing chain in all the Nordic countries. With many different locations both in Norway and abroad, Unloc is a good alternative to regular keys. We only need one app to open all types of doors.

The employees work at several different locations and it was always a hassle for the administration to make sure they had the right keys. Worst case scenario we couldn’t open the store because the employee didn’t have the key. Now we don’t have to worry about that anymore.

“The advantage with Unloc is that it’s easy to use. It simply self-explanatory.”

With Unloc we can simply assign access digitally. That means we have full control and don’t have to copy a ton of keys. In addition there’s no need to put out keys which makes it safer.

How does Unloc help you increase your efficiency?

"It requires less planning and we can use that time for what we want."

Can you explain how you use Unloc?

We have one administrator for each location. The employees are entered into the control center provided by Unloc and then the admin simply shares digital keys as needed. The key appears on the employees phones and they can open the salon.