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Office management

Unloc at Arkwright

Arkwright uses Unloc to easily give their employees and guests access to their offices. Eleonore is office manager for Arkwright and responsible for all the employees.

«With Unloc the employees can safely open the doors with a simple swipe on their phone.»

Eleonore, Office Manager, Arkwright

Office management

Unloc at Cutters

The employees at Cutters spend all their time on the customers while Unloc manages the keys.


Unloc at The Factory

The Factory ’team can spend time with the members while Unloc safely manages their keys.

«We have three different floors with meeting rooms on each floor. I register all the members in the control panel and share access. Then they can easily open the doors with the phone. That’s how simple it is!»

Pia Merkesdal, Administration Manager, The Factory

Real Estate

The Urbanium Story

Marketing director Mona talks about how Unloc makes life easier for their homebuyers.