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Apartment buildings.

Tired of lost or misused keys? Having to wait for carpenters? Expensive maintenance of the lock system?

Then you've come to the right place!

One app for all doors.

The Unloc app is a convenient and optional supplement to your physical keys.

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One app for all doors.

Reduced costs

Reduce the maintenance cost of existing locks, expensive replacements of lock cylinders and unnecessary costs related to physical keys.

«We expect the solution to be covered by lower operating and maintenance costs for the apartment building/residents.»

Frank, Chairman

Personal keys.

Increased security and control

Digital keys can't be lost or shared without the board's permission. Reduce the amount of lost keys! The board will have a complete overview of the number of digital keys for each common door.

«The solution reduces the amount of lost keys.»

Stein, Chairman

Share temporary keys.

Do the board work more efficiently

Let in craftsmen and other service workers without being present - share temporary digital keys from anywhere!

«Very satisfying to be able to send time-limited keys to service workers without having to be home from work - with a push notification when he locked himself in.»

Mario, Board member

Digital key chain.

A practical solution for everyone

Delight the residents with digital keys. The app is optional to use and serves as an addition to your physical keys on all doors. The solution also facilitates easier and safer access for home nurses, parcel deliveries, craftsmen and other visitors.

«Nice that I don't have to wait at home for parcel deliveries and that I can quickly send a key to a neighbour if the dog needs a walk.»

Tim, resident

Questions answered

In order to get Unloc on your building you need to have an Unloc compatible lock installed. If you do not have that please contact the board and have them choose their partner.

We work with a variety of certified installationpartners locally, nationally and internationally.

See who we work with.

Or find your partner.

Ready to start using Unloc?

Choose your approach.

At home

Unloc for people.

Use your phone as a key, at home and at work. Share keys with friends, craftsmen and deliveries.

Want digital keys in your housing association?

Request Unloc to your board

Copy our email template and send it to the board of your housing association!

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