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Apartment buildings.

Tired of lost or misused keys? Having to wait for carpenters? Expensive maintenance of the lock system?

Then you've come to the right place!

One app for all your doors.

The Unloc app is a convenient and optional supplement to your physical keys.

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Your digital keychainIncreased flexibility for everyone.

Digital keys reduce keys on astray and facilitate easier administration for everyone that needs access to an apartment building.

Unloc is easy to administrate for the board in the housing cooperation. Residents with access can collect keys to all doors, garage doors, technical rooms, basements and everything else in one app.

It is optional for the residents to use, so they can choose to continue to use their key alongside Unloc.

Nice that you do not have to wait at home for parcel deliveries and that I can quickly send a key to a neighbor if the dog needs to be walked.

Tim, Chairman

Security and controlIncreased security.

Reduce the the amount of lost keys and get a better view overview of the number of keys to your common doors in circulation.

Very liberating to be able to send a time-limited keys to service workers without having to be home from work — with a message when he locked himself in.

Mario, 45, Chairman

Operating and maintenance costsReducing alternative costs.

Streamline you property management work, reduce the need for physical keys and nobs, and spend less money on maintenance and replacements of existing lock-system.

The solution reduces wear and tear on our mechanical lock cylinders and reduces wrenches.

Stein, Board member

Value for everyonePractical and forward-looking solution.

The solution is easy to manage for the board members and easy to use for everyone connected to your residential building. Unloc also facilitates for a safer and more flexible use of home nursing, inn home deliveries, short-term rentals and visits from service workers.

Great for kids, they lose keys every other week. Unloc is a little thing that can make life so much easier.

Henriette, 43, Board member

Questions answered

In order to get Unloc on your building you need to have an Unloc compatible lock installed. If you do not have that please contact the board and have them contact us for an offer.

We work with a variety of certified installationpartners locally, nationally and internationally.

See who we work with.

Installing Danalock Universal Module on an intercom system.

Danalocks universal module can be installed in parallel with most existing intercoms. A cheap way of adding more value to your existing system.

Ready to start using Unloc?

Contact us for more information about how you can get started with Unloc.

At homeUnloc for people.

Use your phone as a key, at home and at work. Share keys with friends, craftsmen and deliveries.