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Unloc hires leadership talent from Facebook

We continue our growth and hire Anna Hartz Munthe-Kaas as Head of operations.

What will Anna’s role be?

Anna will join Unloc's leadership team, in an interdisciplinary role that embraces everything from communication and branding to design and development.

"Unloc's strategy can be divided into three phases. We have built the technology that makes it possible to share keys as easily as sending text messages. Together with major players like OBOS and Schibsted, we revolutionize how keys are used and shared - for all doors. Our next phase is about commercialization and strong growth in use. And exactly that phase is what Anna knows well", says founder and CEO Kris Riise.

What expertise does Anna have from her time at Facebook?

In Facebook, Anna was partner manager for three years. So she brings with her highly relevant expertise, now that Unloc is gearing up the collaboration with the largest customers and partners. Prior to Facebook, Anna led the business development at Foodora.

"Anna is an exceptionally creative and competent person with a captivating personality and dedication. She is in every way a perfect addition to the team. I am incredibly proud that we are attracting such talent. It confirms that we are solving an important problem for people", says Riise.

Why Unloc?

"The team, first and foremost, which I got to know while working with one of Unloc's investors. It is rare to find a team that is so competent, coordinated and dedicated. In addition, they have undertaken an enormous task - to make everyday life easier for everyone with a front door. Keys are a huge problem for many industries, with many failed trips and inefficient mobility. Digitalisation of keys has great global potential."

What are you looking forward to?

"I look forward to getting to know the team even better, and to find my place where I can help achieve the ambitious goals we have set. One of our largest partners, OBOS, manages 234,000 homes. Within five years, 80% of them will have moved the key chain to their phone. We will also soon start our third financing round to continue the rapid growth. Last year, Unloc consisted of the two founders, but now we are approaching a team of 20 people. We will digitalise the keys of the world."