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Unloc and Norgeseliten announce collaboration.

Unloc has entered a collaboration with the electricity chain Norgeseliten concerning sales and distribution of the solution.

Unloc has developed a solution which lets the customers use their phones to open doors and share digital keys as easily as sending a text message. They now announce a national collaboration with the electricity chain Norgeseliten concering sales and distribution of the solution.

Unloc compatible smart locks will be distributed through the electrical equipment wholesaler Berggård Amundsen & Co as, and the collaboration spans both privat- and business markets.

Digitizing keys is the future, and Unloc meets great intrest in the market. However, in order to succeed, it's crucial for Unloc to have the best partners.

Therefore, Norgeseliten will work as both an installer of the digital locks and as a distributor of Unloc's solution.

For Norgeseliten the agreement is equally important as it will give the member companies more assignments, while at the same time offering a new, unique and value-increasing service that customers are increasingly demanding.

In addition, Norgeseliten is committed to making it clear that they are constantly paying attention to what is happening in the market when it comes to new, digital solutions.

Unloc's sales manager, Terje Skog Jenssen, states the following about the agreement;

- Our vision is to make every day life easier for everyone with a front door.

We want to give everyone the possibility to share digital keys with family members, craftsmen and the delivery service - as easy as sending a text message.

Unloc is therefore very pleased to have entered into a strategically important cooperation agreement with such a key player as the Norgeseliten that can help us with just this.

The agreement gives Unloc an even stronger foundation for increased spreading of our solutions. At the same time, Norgeseliten gets an exciting value-increasing solution into its service range, concludes Skog Jenssen.

Chain manager of Norgeseliten Fred Martin Langøy is convinced that the collaboration with Unloc builds on the goal of offering smart solutions that simplify the customer's everyday life.

- Through the collaboration with Unloc the chain's members will receive assignments within a relatively new and rapidly growing business area. Smarthouse is an important focus area.

Therefore, it is crucial to be involved in all parts of the development so that our members are fully up-to-date and competent in installation as well as consultancy related to the various solutions.

Unloc's futuristic digital platform that enables digital key-sharing and door-opening is a good example in that regard, he says.

About Unloc AS

Unloc is a fast-growing Norwegian tech company. The company has taken the best elements from the tech industry and designed the company for creativity and human interaction. All development and innovation is done in-house from their Oslo offices. They are technology optimists who experiment to learn. The company uses this practice in the key industry - a market consisting of many companies with traditional thinking about key management.

Unloc claims that this provides a strong competitive advantage and that they are the only company in the world with the ability to revolutionize how keys are used and shared, by building a new ecosystem. The time spent standing outside the door wondering where the key went is over.

About Norgeseliten AS

Norgeseliten is a nationwide electric chain that, with the help of services, tools and consulting, aims to make everyday life better, easier and more profitable for members. The chain, owned by electro wholesaler Berggård Amundsen & Co. as, has 187 member companies and 2,300 highly trained electricians and consists of skilled professionals who are constantly seeing new solutions and opportunities in a rapidly developing market.