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Highlights from Q3 and Q4

A lot has happened the past six months, but these are some of the most important.

The team is growing fast! Now we are so many that we struggle to get everyone to show up for the group picture at the same time. But we are having a great time with our newest additions.

Pål works with customer success

Raymond is our newest on tech

Krister will make sure our product is a success

Anna joins our leader team

Our projects with OBOS and Schibsted are up and running now and we are very excited! In total, Unloc-compatible locks have been installed on over 500 doors for the OBOS project and over 150 for Schibsted. Here are our guys, holding a webinar for the OBOS-participants:

The app now has favourites for a faster and more flexible experience. You can also add Unloc to widgets to get in the door even faster!

The control center has a whole new look and (finally) counting! Counting is something that many have asked for. Now you can see how many keys a user has shared and how many keys have been shared to a door. If you have any feedback, we want them. Just click on the turquoise bubble in the right corner or help / chat.

This time we leveled up from the Minister of Digitalisation and met the Prime Minister. It was totally "magic"!

Our ecosystem is growing! Over the past two months, we have landed an agreement with Flexistore, a digital mini-storage, and got two new installation partners, Vrio lock and key and Aker lock and key.

Earlier this year, we bet on where we would be at the end of the year when it comes to our statistics. Some of us are way off, so there will probably be a cold bath for several of us in the new year.

In 2020, a lot will happen. We are working with lots of exciting things, including new installation partners, distribution partners and several hardware integrations. We appreciate everyone who roots for us and gives us feedback soo much.

That is exactly what we need if we are going to digitalise the keys of the world. We all wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!