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From 0 to 15 employees in one year

Unloc recently hired lead developer from DNB, UX-designer from Knowit and customer success from Storebrand.

Unloc develops a global plattform for digital keys. We reduce the complexity of sharing keys — down to a few API-calls. Key sharing should be as simple as sending a text message. To succeed with that mission we need solid and interdisciplinary expertise in the team, says Kris.

What skills do the new employees have?

Raymond Gulbrandsen comes from DNB as lead developer, responsible for building scalable and secure solutions. Håvard Seljevold Methi comes from Knowit as a UX designer with cutting-edge expertise in creating fantastic user experiences for well-known solutions such as RuterBillett. Pål Berget comes from Storebrand where he was responsible for sales, service and customer satisfaction.

Why Unloc?

"I have been a consultant since I finished my studies. When you sit full time out with the customer, you are a little on the side of everything. Both in the consulting company you are employed and with the client. I start at Unloc because I can get to know everyone in the company and at the same time experience what it's like to build a global platform and a company culture from scratch." — Håvard

What attracts people to Unloc?

We have met a lot of interest in the last few weeks, especially after announcing our most important collaboration agreement so far - with OBOS. It is clear that many people are realising the enormous potential of digitising the world's keys. An Unloc employee is called an 'Unlocer' because our mission is to make life easier for everyone with a front door. All Unlocers are shareholders and own a total of 72% of the company. I think the community of Unloc is extra motivating.

We are extremely motivated and hard working, but we also know that we have committed ourselves to a long and demanding journey. Then it's good to know that you can always lean on the person next to you, says Kris.

What are you looking forward to?

"To be productive and to build things. I go from a 300-person department to a multi-disciplinary and dedicated team of 15 people. It will be good to have cool colleagues and be a part of the decision making." — Raymond
"To design a service that becomes part of everyday life for most people, and to do it with a bunch of motivated and creative technologists." — Håvard
"The Unloc team is one of the most inspiring I have met and I look forward to taking part in the work of digitising the world's keys!" — Pål