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Unloc signs largest deal to date and recruits top experts from Google and Goldman Sachs

Unloc has developed a solution that allows you to use your smartphone to open doors and share digital keys as easily as transferring money with Vipps. They are now entering into a partnership with BBL Pivotal - a nationwide housing management association with 340,000 homes and 634,000 members.

Digital keys are here to stay, and Unloc has on their way to revolutionizing the lock industry, caught strong attention from both investors and customers. For the technology company to succeed, it’s important for them to team up with the most skilled and innovative partners. BBL Pivotal is Norway's leading provider of housing management systems, consisting of 10,000 housing associations and over 340,000 homes. BBL Pivotal is now a partner and distributor of Unloc.

Founder and CEO of Unloc, Kris Riise, states the following about the collaboration:

— Our vision is to open doors for everyone, everywhere. We want to give people the opportunity to share digital keys with their family members, cleaning staff and the Kolonial driver, as easy as it is to send an SMS. The last six months also emphasize the importance of developing solutions that avoid unnecessary physical contact and the potential risk of infection. The collaboration with BBL Pivotal is incredibly exciting and in addition to being a strategically important milestone for us, allows us to simplify the everyday lives of people on a much larger scale than before.

The partnership agreement enables BBL Pivotal to offer a value-adding service to all of its housing associations and residents, whilst also strengthening their focus on innovation in an ever-changing real estate industry. The solution will provide 634,000 members of BBL Pivotal with the ability to open doors with their mobile phones.

— For us at BBL Pivotal, the collaboration with Unloc is proof that we aim to go the extra mile for our members, in order to be a leading provider of innovative housing solutions of real value. Unloc's technology is increasingly demanded by our customers, and our focus has always been to offer contemporary facilities that make their everyday life easier, and not just open doors, but new opportunities for them too. With this agreement, we support this vision as well as looking ahead at the future, says Trond Ove Breivik, CEO at BBL Pivotal.

Hiring growth experts from Google and Goldman Sachs
Marcus Hjelleset has a background from Google and will help Unloc optimize and scale its growth. He steps into the role of Interim Head of Growth whilst former Facebooker, Anna Hartz Munthe-Kaas, is on maternity leave. At Google, Hjelleset was responsible for digital strategy and international expansion for Fortune 500 and growth companies, such as Spotify. He is also a serial entrepreneur, with international experience from both Asia and Europe. Fanny Ehrmann has got strong experience from Goldman Sachs and will help Unloc map out opportunities for growth in new markets, as Strategy & Operations Manager.

— We have created an insanely competent growth team, with expertise from some of the world's best companies such as Facebook, Google, Airbnb and Goldman Sachs. We’re entering an incredibly exciting period, says Riise.

Opening a subsidiary in Benelux
In line with its global ambitions, Unloc is now establishing a subsidiary in Benelux. The company is therefore active in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Benelux.

About BBL Pivotal
Since 1999, BBL Pivotal has been on a mission to simplify everyday life for board members and residents in housing associations all over Norway. With over 340,000 homes and 634,000 members, they make their customers competitive through industry-leading knowledge and innovative solutions.

About Unloc
Unloc AS is a technology company with 31 employees, that has opened 1 million doors since their founding date in 2017. The company has developed an innovative software solution that connects the various hardware players and key systems in the lock industry into one open system. In other words, their partners and users only have to deal with one app to open all doors, which gives Unloc a strong competitive advantage in a traditional lock industry. The founders believe Unloc is the only company in the world with the ability to revolutionize how keys are being used and shared. This opinion is shared with their investors, where Novax, owned by Axel Johnson - the Nordics’ largest consumer, trade and service company, is one of them.

Kris Riise
Founder CEO
+47 97 52 02 50

Marcus Hjelleset
Interim Head of Growth
+47 48 39 59 51

Kriise AS 22,77%
Avalon Holding AS 22,77%
Ansatte 11,64%
MontinJensen AS 7,49%
OBOS BBL 6,32%
Simula Innovation AS 4,78%
Urbanium AS 4,46%
ArkwrightX Incubator Invest 8 AS 3,42%
Novax AB 3,21%
Langebru AS 2,71%
Andre 10,43%